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Youth Travel Award

Posted by Tiur Sitompul on Jan 10, 2007:

Tahun 2007 ini, untuk pertama kalinya servas international memberikan “travel award” kepada anggota servas yang berusia 18 – 30 tahun.
Untuk tahun ini award ini diberikan untuk kunjungan ke negara Inggris serta akan bepartisipasi dalam  “international Youth Event” di Inggris.
Nilai award ini berupa subsidi dengan nilai sebesar $1000. (terlampir di bawah ini informasi mengenai award ini).
Adapun syaratnya adalah anggota servas yang direkomendasikan dan berusia 18 – 30 tahun. serta mengisi formulir pendaftaran.
Saya harap ada member servas indonesia ada yang bisa turut serta dalama cara ini yang tentunya nanti akan berguna bagi perkembangan baik pribadi maupun bagi pengembangan servas khususnya.
Selamat mengirimkan surat lamaran untuk “travel award”
Ps. untuk memudahkan membaca filenya saya copy paste file tersebut.
Mohon bantuan menyampaikan kepada anggota servas yang lain dan mari sukseskan acara ini
Using a host donation of $1000 the Youth Travel Award will be offered for the first time in 2007 to enable a young person to attend the next international youth event in Britain in July.
This will be something of an experiment to test the viability of the Award as we work at developing a fair and open selection process. Unfortunately we only have sufficient funds to offer one Award on this occasion. 
In time we hope to build up a fund from donations from both individual members and National Groups and so be able to offer the Award on an annual basis.
Management of the Award:
This is to be the responsibility of a Servas Youth working group in conjunction with the Development Fund Committee. Ann Greenhough, Vibeke Matorp, Dianne Peterson and Abhay Shaha worked on developing the selection process whilst in Latina. We are looking for a further member to join the group to consider the applications and allocate the Award in 2007.
Focus of the Award:
The aim is to offer sufficient resources for a  young person to participate in an international Servas event combined with a programme, ideally over a few weeks, in the country or region where the event is taking place. Although the emphasis will be on offering Servas hospitality to the young person some additional financial resources of their own will be needed for their stay. In a small way we would hope that the Award will reflect something of the spirit of the early days in Servas where emphasis was on ‘work study, travel ’. Through taking part in an international event the young person will have chance to meet with other young Servas travellers and to contribute  ideas about how   Youth in Servas should develop in the future. We also hope that Servas hosts will be able to open up a wealth of potential opportunities for a young person to experience and appreciate daily life within the families and communities they visit.
For 2007:
 We hope the young person receiving the Award will be able to visit Britain for at least a month if commitments at home allow. This  would include the Youth event between 28th July and 4th August and the few days get-together in Manchester beforehand.
 Building on the Youth Language Exchange we will involve Servas hosts in providing opportunities for the young person to extend their English language skills.
 If they have a particular work or study interest we will try to offer some suitable short-term unpaid work experience through a Servas host.
There will also be an expectation that the young person will be open to getting involved in some sort of voluntary work, may be as part of a youth camp in a social or environmental project.
Last but not least we will be available to offer support and advice so they can enjoy exploring Britain as a Servas traveller.
For the future:
The Travel Award, alongside other initiatives such as the Servas Youth Language Exchange, will be part of demonstrating that Servas can offer ‘added value’ to young people, not so easily found  in the increasing number of internet-based hosting networks. The philosophy on which Servas is based can be of real relevance to young people looking to make travelling an in-depth experience and keen to make a contribution to a more peaceful world.
As a next step we would like to begin to develop a system open to all young people whereby unpaid work experience opportunities offered by hosts can be matched with interested young travellers.
Timetable for the Award:
The closing date for applications will be February 28th 2007.We anticipate that applications will be made by email. The working group will then consider the applications and dependant on numbers may either immediately make a final decision or shortlist a small number of young people for a second stage. If that is the case those young people will be contacted about what happens next.
It is intended to make a final decision as soon as possible to allow time to make travel arrangements and get visas if needed.
We would ask that the National Secretary or someone else from the National Group provides a letter of support for a young person making an application including confirming their membership of Servas. It would be helpful if this could be provided by the closing date but applications will initially be accepted without it.
More than one application from each country can be considered.
Eligibility for Youth Travel Award:                        
In order for a young person’s application to be accepted they should:
1.     Be a member of Servas as a traveller, as a host or as part of a host family.
2.     Be aged 18-30 at time of travel.
3.     Have been a member of Servas for at least one year at time of application.
4.     Provide a letter of recommendation from their National Secretary or other member of the National Group.
5.     Declare if related to any Servas officer in either their national group or SI. This will not exclude an applicant from being fully considered.
6.     Provide full and accurate information in their application form.
7.     Have a working knowledge of spoken and written English.
8.     Be prepared to provide a written report of their travel experience if in receipt of the Award.
Please make sure that young people interested in the Award carefully consider these criteria before making an application.
National groups and young people thinking of making an application should bear in mind that from some countries they will have great difficulty in making an application for a visa to enter Britain and may well be refused even with the active support of Servas Britain as a sponsor. It may be helpful to take advice in your own country before making an application.
Other funding:
If as a National Group you are interested in making a donation to the Youth Award Fund or  are perhaps able to sponsor a young person from your own country or elsewhere to attend the event in 2007 please let us know.
For further information and application forms:
Please contact:   Ann Greenhough (

                     on behalf of   Servas Internationa


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